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Kayak & Yoga

Thursday September 8th



Last Kayak & Yoga event of the summer!

A guided paddle to New Castle Island where the group will land and be lead through a chilled out yoga flow as the sun sets. After, we will then take a moment together to enjoy the amazing view, and then paddle back to Nanaimo. Spend an evening connecting with nature, getting your toes salty, and meeting new friends!

All levels welcome, no yoga or kayaking experience necessary.

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Friday, September 9th 7:30pm

$10 Adults, $5 Kids

Everyone Welcome!

Join us for Kirtan, an ancient devotional music experience. Sing if you want, dance if you want, sit and soak in the sounds. This call and response musical style is an important expression in the Bhakti Yoga tradition which draws the mind inward and is seen as a bridge between our inner and outer selves and an expression of our desire to know and love the divine within. There is no previous musical experience necessary to enjoy and participate.

Drop ins welcome

Ecstatic Dance

The last Friday of each month!

7:30pm - 9:00pm


Everyone Welcome!

This movement practice is energetic, fun and transformative. This class is for every body regardless of age, injury or experience. Each soul is unique and longs to uncover its special song. Can you offer your body, breath and heart to create poetry in motion, to tap into the magic that is YOU?

Explore the language of dance to unify the physical, emotional and mental aspects of yourself, so that your soul can emerge from the mysterious quiet within. Discover that you are naturally endlessly creative.

Drop ins welcome

Ecstatic Dance with Emerson Lim

Friday September 30th

7:30pm - 9:00pm


Ecstatic yoga was originally created by Emerson as an exciting way to engage homeless youth and meet them where they are. By introducing them to the benefits of yoga (Kundalini inspired kriyas) and breath work while triggering a natural high through the therapeutic elements of dance, such as brain dance and ecstatic dance, while creating a space that is truly welcoming and incredibly fun at the same time. Set to to the most exciting music of our time and sometimes with live djembe drummers. Everyone is welcome from toddlers to seniors. Special needs are very welcome.

Emerson Lim

Founder of Karma Teachers, Karma Teachers College and creator of Ecstatic Yoga TM a signature form of yoga combining dynamic movement, powerful breath-work and dance therapy with enlivening music. Emerson is a true Karma Yogi who moves with a clear and dispassionate intention to share the benefits of Yoga, build community and encourage selfless action. Emerson is a teacher of Selfless Giving, Compassion and Love. He founded Karma Teachers/Karma Teachers KIDS in November 2011, a first of its kind, non-profit Yoga studio and movement that makes Yoga accessible to all, bringing local Yoga teachers together to offer free or by donation yoga classes. Emerson's work through Ecstatic Yoga TM has transformed the lives of hundreds of homeless and at-risk youth bringing a natural high and empowering them through self-healing and self-acceptance.

Ecstatic Rave Dance Video

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