Our Teachers

At OmTown our amazing teachers come from a variety of backgrounds and trainings to offer our students a wide range of classes in our community studio.

Stephanie Green

Stephanie Green, Owner

Stephanie instantly fell in love with the discipline of practice and is amazed at the continual opportunities yoga provides for physical, emotional, and spiritual growth. She is extremely grateful for all of her teachers and students, past and present, and has faith that with yoga and a whole lot of raucous laughter the world will become a peaceful, happier place.

Certifications and Trainings:
  • Yin Yoga & Anatomy with Paul & Suzee Grilley 100 hrs
  • Yin Yoga Chakra Theory and Meditation with Paul & Suzee Grilley 100hrs
  • Moksha 500 hr level teacher
  • Yin Yoga 40 hr Teacher Training with Bernie Clark
  • Shiva Rea 100 hr Teacher Training
  • Certified AcroYoga teacher
  • Restorative Yoga with Cyndi Lee

Madison Agrey

Madison first came to yoga in 2009. The open-minded attentiveness of the practice gave her a sense of empowerment. Since then, the yogic teachings have become a strong force in her life. She has completed a 200 hour teacher training through Yoga Works, a 50 hour yin training through OmTown Yoga and has studied energy work as well as holistic nutrition. Madison wishes to create an environment that fosters curiosity, awareness, kindness and a common sense of humanity. In her classes she imparts her passion of self-exploration, teaching others how to tune in and attend with warmth and devotion. She believes that each person holds a power within them to support, nourish and ultimately heal themselves, and that yoga is one of the many ways to guide one toward this inner wisdom.

Lynne Berge

Lynne started her yoga teacher training two decades ago. She is trained in Ashtanga, Hatha, Yin and Prana Flow (Shiva Rea). She has studied Kundalini with Nanaimo's very own Jay Suttonbrown. She can't get enough of the powerful transformative practice of Kundalini yoga. So, she to travels to immerse herself in the teachings from master teachers including Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa and finds inspiration from festivals including Sat Nam Fest and the International Yoga Fest. This August, Lynne will be attending a month long immersion at the Kundalini Research Institute in New Mexico. Lynne's Kundalini class is her weekly creative love project where she carefully selects music, purpose, quotes. With her other time, Lynne is the owner and RMT at the Solace Wellness Centre and mother of two beautiful kids.

Ren Fukushima

Ren Fukushima is a Yoga Therapist and Kundalini Yoga Teacher. Ren is a proud West Coast Weirdo! She is a Japanese-Canadian, former A-type freakshow, fight or flight work-a-holic turned Dakini, Divine Feminine, Kundalini Realness/Self-Healing Evangelist Extraordinaire. Unable to heal a debilitating injury medically, she was forced into existential crisis = spiritual awakening. Ren had no choice but to heal herself spiritually and emotionally. She was blessed to be connected with the ancient and powerful healing technology of Kundalini Yoga. Ren receives ongoing training through the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) and in 2012 she completed her Teacher Training at the Guru Ram Das Ashram in New Mexico, the home of Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga. As a Yoga Therapist, Ren is gifted at helping clients navigate grief, chronic pain, intimacy blocks and nervous system related illness. She has deep, embodied wisdom in the realms of core wound healing, the balancing of the masculine and feminine energies and is skilled at teaching people how to harness and transform sexual energy into emotional healing. Ren uses the technology of Kundalini Yoga and Rebirthing Breathwork to help clients release emotional plaque and trauma from the body. She works with individuals and couples at Solace Wellness Centre in Nanaimo.

Meg Gorosh

Meg began her lifelong love affair with yoga eight years ago. The evolutionary and compassionate nature of yoga drew her in and she's never looked back. Meg completed a 500 hour Moksha yoga training in 2012 in Montreal, and went on to complete Yin yoga training with Bernie Clark, and a 200 hour Hatha/ Vinyasa training with Steph Green and April Kuramoto. With a background in social work, Meg's approach to yoga comes from a philosophy of empowerment and self awareness, and believes yoga gives people the opportunity to discover their most authentic, brilliant selves. She takes to heart yoga's roots in non competition, non violence, kindness, and connection. She is constantly inspired by the depth of personal awareness that yoga facilitates, and by the amazing community of teachers and students that surround her. When not in the studio, you will find Meg exploring the incredible variety of activities available on Vancouver Island, whether it's slack lining at the park, hiking in the woods, or taking in the tranquility of Piper's lagoon. With a love of physical activity, Meg takes the sweetness of movement and stretch off of the mat and into her life, always on the lookout for the next adventure!

Laura Jesson

Laura Jesson

A natural born yogi, from philosophy to physical activity, Laura is always striving for balance in her life and empowering the same in others. After 5 years of personal practice she took her first training in Moksha Yoga, followed by PreNatal with Janice Clarfield, and Yin with Bernie Clark. One strong source of inspiration woven through has been the influence of Michael Stone, a Psychotherapist, Yoga and Buddhist Teacher, author and activist.

She's currently finding more peace through stillness in Meditation, Relaxation and Restorative Yoga. When not on her mat Laura takes all she learns while being mom to two beautiful boys and creating more love in life.

April Kuramoto

April began yoga practice after studying meditation, energy healing and reading with Lightwork Spiritual Development. Upon completion of her 200 hour certification to teach Hatha and Vinyasa Flow, she learned that the light of another can illuminate truth within, and support one's unique healing journey. This has become her deepest passion in teaching.

April has completed additional certifications with Yoga Kids, Prenatal Yoga with Urban Yoga, Yin Yoga with Mark Laham, Yoga Trance Dance, and an additional 300 hour certification with Shiva Rea in Prana Flow. Combining all that she has learned, she facilitates Chakra Balancing Massage and attended births as a doula CD(DONA).

April is deeply honoured to have co-taught 200-RYT intensives, offer a part time 200-RYT program, and certify Goddess Prenatal Yoga Instructors.

Nura Madjzoub

Nura has been teaching yoga for over a decade on multiple continents. She is an avid traveler, a yogi, a mother and therapeutic massage therapist. But aside from these labels, like many others, she is on a quest to connect to the core; to her truth. She believes that how we practice yoga, and what we come up against on the mat is our very own practice ground for real life. Yoga keeps her humble, and hungry for more knowledge. She teaches because she loves to share her own discoveries on her journey through this wonderful and messy life.

Nura has trained (200 hours) and mentored with Sanjeev Bhanot, Founder of Yogalife Foundation, and has completed the 200 hour yoga training at Kripalu Center in Massachusetts. She is trained, certified and experienced in prenatal yoga and has done further studies in Core Strength Vinyasa, Anusara and Thai yoga massage. She is also a Licensed and Board Certified Massage Therapist in New York and in the USA with over 1000 hours of training. Nura brings a unique set of skills to her yoga teaching from her background as a therapeutic massage therapist. She enjoys the interplay between yoga and massage work and draws from all her studies in her classes. Her yoga teaching is always infused with a strong foundation in anatomy and physiology. She has been trained, over the past decade and a half, to see the movement and the freedom, as well as the tension and the blocks, in bodies.

Nura's classes are playful and joyful, sometimes tough, sometimes sweet. She draws from hatha and vinyasa styles and utilizes hands on assists and knowledge of alignment and the physical body to guide students through their practice.

Stacy Papp

Stacy began practicing yoga in the early 2000s, primarily as a physical practice. As she dove deep into her body she was magnetically drawn to the inner exploration that naturally accompanies the outer expression of asana and was gifted with a remembrance of her Highest Self. This new, expanded awareness of Self propelled her to complete over 500 hours of training, primarily through Gaiatri Yoga. Inspired by the human condition, as examined through the lens of mindfulness and Self observation, she lives what she practices and seeks to inspire others from what she discovers. Sustained by a heartfelt desire to be of service and share the grace and splendor of a transformational practice that exists both on and off the mat, she trusts she will meet you soon.

Veronique Rioux

A tragic accident became a blessing in disguise, inspiring me toward the path of fitness and wellness. In 2004, I did a 3 months (340h) YTT in Thailand with Chakra yoga school. Since that life transforming experience I have been exploring body movement and wellness from organic farming to circus art. Completed 3 Vipassana retreat, did 3 months volunteer at Kalani holistic center retreat in Hawaii, spent a couple month at Bellyacres, circus school & ecovillage in Hawaii. Certified Group Fitness instructor, personal trainer and Medical exercise Specialist. When I am not teaching classes I spent time with my 2 little boys at Pacific Garden cohousing.

Cathy Skelcher

Cathy discovered yoga after many years in the fitness industry. She loved the ability to connect with her body in a softer way. She believes that yoga has the power to transform how she walks through life. Therefor her physical asana practice is a direct reflection of how she shows up everyday for those around her. She believes everyday on the mat reveals a lesson to be learned. She loves practicing to music, so expect to hear some Florence and the Machine on her playlists! Her class is athletic and challenging but she will always offer many stages into a pose so no one is left out. Some yoga experience is recommended but know that she will welcome anyone into her class who is willing to play and laugh.

Varenka Jeevani Schwarz

Varenka Schwarz

Varenka was born and raised in Mexico City where she completed a BA in Psychology. She moved to Canada in 2005 and shortly after this move she found yoga. In 2009, she studied a teacher training in Hatha and Classical Ashtanga Yoga, as taught by Baba Hari Dass. Her love for children brought her to find Rainbow Kids Yoga, a marvelous training for teaching yoga to children, families and community at large. Along the way, she also fell jn love with acroyoga, which has become part of her regular practice. Varenka is grateful that yoga crossed her path in life and that she has had so many amazing teachers throughout her yoga journey. She loves to share the joy and peace yoga brings to her life.

Laura Timmermans

Laura's love for yoga started at an early age. Her devotion to practice is fueled by the constant evolution of the body-mind's connection. Laura's goal is to safely teach people so that they can experience the joy and countless benefits of the yoga journey. What she hopes to bring to each class is an open mind and an open heart.

When Laura is not rocking-out on her mat, she can be found outside hiking, kayaking, and exploring the endless beauty of Vancouver Island. She can also be found working as a freelance Graphic Designer where she combines her creative passion with positive action in hopes of making a better world.

Her training includes:

  • OmTown Yoga Teacher 200 hours - 2014
  • OmTown Yin Yoga Teacher 50 hours - 2016

Tash Vincze C.Ht.

Tash is dedicated to helping people achieve their goals whether they're physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. As a yoga instructor and hypnotherapist, she has exciting opportunities to explore these aspects of self, with her students and clients.

Her training includes:
  • Moksha Yoga Teacher training in 2009
  • Yin Yoga training with Bernie Clark in 2011
  • Mindfulness Training (meditation) with Re. Frank Boccio in 2012
  • Hypnotherapy training through Island Hypnosis in 2007

There's too much stress and chaos in this world and Tash wants to do her part in alleviating some of the burden. She has an opportunity to share her knowledge of how to find peace within, and is active in sharing that knowledge. She possesses unique skills to aid in the healing process, and believes it would be a waste of this expertise if not acted upon.

For more info check out her website here!

Meg Fyfe Watkins

"Breathe, move, love. This is yoga." Meg has been practicing yoga since 2002, and completed her RYT-200 yoga teacher training in 2012 under the guidance of the wise Grace Dubery. She then continued her education with a pre- & postnatal teacher training (PNYT) through The Yoga Sanctuary, and has taken workshops in Restorative Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, and Nutrition. Meg says of her teaching style, "I feel strongly that your practice is *your* practice, and I encourage you to tune into your breath and the needs of your body as you practice, and to start from wherever you are in that moment... if you need to ignore what I'm demonstrating at the front of the room so you can do this, go for it!" In her classes, Meg links movements to the breath, and loves to flow. She strives to make her classes accessible to all levels of practitioner by offering lots of modifications and adjustments to poses and flows. If you're looking for a strengthening, slow-flow class where you can deepen your awareness of your breath and the inner strength of your body, check out her Rise & Shine class, 930-1045am on Tuesdays.