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Meditation Workshop Series




$95 for 5 weeks / $25 drop in

We'll take 5 weeks to explore the practice of Meditation, from the posture and form, benefits and outcomes, Shamatha and Mindfulness in Zen Buddhism, and how to bring and access the practice in our daily lives. Engage in a small commitment for the rewards of creating balance and stability, cultivating compassion, growth and change, and building an awareness of a deeper sense of self and others.

Facilitated by Laura Jesson

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AcroYoga Progression Series

Tuesdays 7:15pm-8:45pm / open jam until 9:45pm

6 week session with Lora Carolsfeld


A new six week AcroYoga progression series is here!! There will be a mix of washing machines, pop and flow, and a little bit of something kinda different. All levels welcome! No partner necessary.

Prenatal Yoga Series



5 Weeks | December 6th - January 3rd


Prenatal yoga helps you adapt to the physical changes of pregnancy while preparing you mentally and physically for childbirth. Hatha yoga poses, breathing exercises and meditation are combined to increase flexibility, strength and relaxation. No yoga experience necessary.

Drop ins are welcome if room permits.

Facilitated by April Kuramoto.

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