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Meditation Workshop

Thursday, July 27th



Meditation is a practice of being with ourselves, with what shows up when we sit still. We will align ourselves with techniques and tools to be comfortable for periods of time. We will work with discomforts that can arise physically, mentally and emotionally. We'll dive deeper into the fluctuations of the mind, reactions, and impermanence; as in yoga and meditation, our goal is freedom of body and mind.

Facilitated by Laura Jesson

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Intro to TRE

Sunday, August 27th



This introductory workshop will allow each practitioner the opportunity to learn about TRE (tension and trauma releasing exercises). In this practice, you will learn a set of 7 gentle and adaptable exercises to elicit an intentional, self controlled, therapeutic muscular tremor from deep in the core of the body.

This tremor reflex seeks out and gently vibrates open deeply held patterns of tension in the muscle tissue and fascia of the body while at the same time, naturally quieting and regulating the nervous system. The tremor originates in the brain stem, and because the emotional and thinking brain are not involved, historic patterns of trauma and stress can be safely and gently released without triggering painful memories.

TRE is accessible and easy to learn. In this introductory session you will be guided and supported through to ensure that you are comfortable in the process. TRE is meant to be a self care tool that you can access for the rest of your life to promote health and wellness on all levels.

Whether you are suffering from symptoms of post traumatic stress, or just trying to keep your head above water in a fast paced and chaotic world, TRE has something to offer you. Join us and be empowered to take your health and healing into your own hands!

Facilitated by Meg Gorosh

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