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Yin Yoga & Tibetan Singing Bowls

Friday, July 6th

Friday, August 3rd

Friday, September 7th

Friday, October 5th



Yin yoga is still and meditative by nature, and can only be enriched by the accompaniment of Tibetan singing bowls. Join us for a practice that focuses on stimulating each of your seven main chakras, to remove blockages and encourage stagnant energy to move, so your prana can flow freely and fully.

Facilitated by Meg Gorosh & Benjamin Bollich

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Intro to TRE

Saturday, June 23rd


In this three hour workshop, you will learn about stress physiology, nervous system health, and how to recognize feelings of safety and comfort versus feelings of danger and discomfort, and how to self soothe your nervous system to create healing from the inside out, so that you can experience your therapeutic tremor as authentically as possible.

The practice of TRE involves a set of 7 gentle and adaptable movement sequences that can be modified to support every body type and ability, to elicit your intentional and self controlled muscular tremor, from deep within the core of the body.

Facilitated by Meg Gorosh

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Journey Deep into Breath- Numa Breathwork

Friday, July 13th


Numa Somatics Breathwork is a style of Conscious Connected Breathing woven together with somatic explorations, self inquiry, and the medicinal vibrations of sound. Conscious Connected Breathing is a simple yet profound tool to reach altered states of consciousness, allowing a participant to access their Higher Self and some of their earliest and innermost memories. Doing so offers one the opportunity to release holding patterns and blockages, resulting in improved physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

No previous experience is required.

Facilitated by Karen Phillips.

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