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new year new beginnings

New Year, New Beginnings

Tuesday, January 1st 2019



We come together on this first day of the new year to look deep within ourselves, to let go of what no longer serves and put forth our hearts deepest longings. Through meditation, movement, vision boards and Yoga Nidra we set the wheels in motion to manifest our new reality in this new year.

We begin with a meditation to tap in to self, followed by a gentle asana practice. We then unleash our creativity making vision boards of all our dreams for the coming year. We will conclude with a long Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) practice where we'll set our Intentions (resolve).

No yoga or meditation experience necessary.

All vision board supplies included. Please bring your own scissors and magazines to share if you have any.

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conscious connection breathwork journey

Conscious Connected Breathwork Journey

Friday, January 4th 2019

6:00 - 8:30 PM


Your breath is a powerful key to improving your state of mind and health. It even carries the capacity to shift you into non-ordinary states of consciousness opening the way for insights and what some might call "spiritual experiences."

Benefits of Conscious Connected Breathing include:

  • Relaxation
  • Detoxification
  • Trauma Release
  • Improved Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual well-being

Turn inwards with the breath as your guide and healer...take a profound and transformative journey within your Self. Unwind, release, and melt within the living vibrational matrix of music. Relax into community, fully self-empowered. Nourish yourself and release that which no longer serves. Open and clear the pathways to health and well-being on all levels. Explore the energetic continuum of your body, beliefs, emotions, and non-physical realms. Detoxify, rejuvenate, energize, release, express, integrate, clarify, and heal.

Each breath is a key... curious what's behind the door?

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acro beginner

Beginner AcroYoga Workshop

Saturday, January 5th 2019

1:30pm-4:00 PM


Can you do Acro Yoga? Yes you can!

We will start right at the basics, building a solid foundation as flyers, bases, and spotters. We will laugh, play, and support each other as we discover foundational poses such as bird, throne, and back flying.

Come to class and experience how attainable this practice is. Our philosophy is that everything is possible. Anything you can't do is simply something you can't do yet. No partner needed, just an open mind and a desire to play.

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anne-marie mougeot

Balance Your Nervous System

Saturday, January 12th 2019

1:30pm - 3:30pm



It has its purpose, but if you notice that stress is getting in the way of your happiness, it's probably time to do something about it! Stress can influence your physiology in a number of ways and, if prolonged or chronic, can lead to unwanted problems. In this workshop, we will be exploring various techniques and their effects on balancing our personal scale of stress versus relaxation.

We will be exploring how breathing mindfully can help us to access our parasympathetic system in order to induce a relaxation response. Included will be practical suggestions for stress-management and self-reflection into practices that you can implement for a more balanced nervous system. This workshop will include a brief Yang/Yin yoga practice with a deep relaxation component.

Facilitated by Anne-Marie Mougeot, an Osteopathic Practitioner, Kinesiologist, & Yoga Instructor who works with a whole-person approach to healing.

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Intelligent Adjusts

Saturday, January 19th 2019

2:00pm - 6:00pm


This 4 hour yoga workshop is for yoga teachers looking to become more comfortable providing safe and effective hands on adjustments to their students. We have a discussion around what ethics means in a yoga context as well as how we can apply touch within a yoga class to have specific positive outcomes.

The day will consist of:

- Understandable and relevant anatomy review - How to apply the U.P.A. in your own practice - The ethics of touch - How to apply safe and effective adjustments to other practitioners

Participants will be supplied with all needed materials for the course, but may wish to bring their own yoga mat and a notebook.

*This is a workshop for people who have completed a 200-hr teacher training, and a basic understanding of anatomy is necessary. Please feel free to contact us if you would like clarification on these pre-requisites.

Facilitated by Scott Kellsey

Scott is a certified yoga instructor, (RYT200) registered with Yoga Alliance as well as a massage therapist and manual osteopath. Scott enjoys working with people who are new to yoga and looking to increase flexibility. He loves to see progression in his students and works to apply his knowledge of anatomy and human biomechanics to his yoga classes.

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Yoga for Anxiety & Depression

Saturday, February 2nd 2019

1:30pm - 3:30pm


Do you struggle with anxiety and depression? You are not alone. Join Holly for a special workshop designed to explore various physical, mental and emotional strategies to help you manage your personal experience with these common issues.

This workshop will include movement, dynamic Pranayama (breath work), guided meditation, and the chanting of mantras to increase consciousness and spark physical release, all aiming to bring you into a state of calmness and focus that can eliminate the effects of anxiety and depression.

"The beauty of yoga has carried me from darkness to light" ~ Holly Yates

As a longtime practitioner of yoga, Holly Yates has spent her adult life teaching, travelling, and working as a counsellor, in order to serve others and encourage them toward the fundamental shifts that happen in yoga.

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