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Yin & Fascial Release- Lower Body Love

Thursday, October 19th

7:15pm- 9:45pm


We will be using a combination of meditation, ball rolling, foam rollers and long held Yin postures to find awareness and sweet release in our bodies.

This workshop is limited to 25 participants. Register early!

Facilitated by Stephanie Green.

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Date Night Couples Yoga

Friday, November 3rd


$45 per couple

Couples yoga is so much more than a simple yoga practice. When you merge your practice with another's, you fall into sync with that person. Your breath, movement and body positions find a rhythm together. Practicing couples yoga can lead to some of the most intimate and fulfilling experiences. Please join Karen Phillips E- RYT for an evening of couples yoga, where we'll spend 2 hours moving, breathing and laughing together. Facilitated by Karen Phillips.

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